Constantine TV Show and my thoughts on how it should be

I keep thinking about it and reading people’s opinions regarding how the John Constantine TV show by David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone is going to be like. I can’t help but obsess over the idea as I predicted that it would be adapted into the small screen a few months back before the announcement. I started my quest to read the entire “Hellblazer” trade this year and kept thinking that it had perfect material for a TV show, and obviously my first thoughts on the broadcasting channel were HBO, Showtime and AMC. Is NBC such a bad choice? Not really, if you think about it. Hey, at least it’s not CW again. Take a look at some of the current TV shows that NBC is broadcasting right now: Law & Order: SVU, Grimm, Hannibal and The Blacklist. Those aren’t necessarily bad shows, and are kept true to its genres. Hannibal can be compared to how Constantine may come to be, if the show is indeed picked up. Some similarities: new screen adaptation from celebrated source material, horror genre and much loved and well-known title characters. Ok, so maybe there won’t be as much nudity and profanity as we would like to, but it can be sacrificed for decent storytelling (I think it’s worth mentioning Breaking Bad, regarding this). On note of gore and supernatural, we can see in Hannibal and Grimm that it wouldn’t all suck, and if the fan base feel like the show failed to do its bidding, NBC is also famed for cancelling shows, so it wouldn’t be the kind of bad shit that airs for years even though it’s fucking horrible. On another note, as many people are worried that the version of John’s world to be depicted in the show would be the watered-down New 52 Constantine that is being published monthly, I sincerely doubt it. Hellblazer has 300 issues that could render numerous episodes, while the “Constantine” title has only 9 issues so far, most of them not focused on a story arc and partly involved in crossovers (such as Trinity War and Forever Evil: Blight). Regarding “Justice League Dark” and Del Toro’s adaptation of it in the big screen, as we’ve been led to believe it will coexist (and maybe even share the same actor), any story arcs used in this particular series would be exclusive to the film. Del Toro has promised a blond and British Constantine, and as he expressed his confidence that the two properties can coexist so we can be sure that the Keanu Reeves incident will not happen again. The writers, Goyer and Cerone, have both delivered good characterizations on their work, no matter how people feel about the plot and execution of it, it’s undeniable that the characters in the Dark Knight trilogy were all well made and reminiscent of their comic book counterparts, and Cerone’s work was worth Emmy nominations for outstanding drama series in the first seasons of Dexter (the characters being directly adapted from Jeff Lindsay’s first Dexter novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter). The chain-smoking would not in any circumstances be left out as it is so prominent to the character. The only thing to be worried about here is John’s bisexuality, and as much as it would be annoying for it to be left out (I’m bisexual myself), the source material itself does side track it in most issues.
The first season of Constantine, as we can hope at least, will serve as an introduction to John and who he is, so hopefully we can expect elements from the Delano’s run and the first Hellblazer volume, “Original Sins”, Nergal, the Newcastle incident and maybe John’s dead-twin backstory, coming along with some other monster of the week episodes (or several, if they choose to make a longer season of 20-or-so episodes, which is not something to be entirely worried about as there IS enough material to it). If somehow they do decide to do something else in the first season, there are three possible outcomes I predict: John’s first appearances along with Swamp Thing, which is highly unlikely; the New 52 “Cult of the Cold Flame” story arc featuring characters such as Mister E, Sargon the Sorceress, Zatanna and her father, which again is highly unlikely, as the story itself isn’t over right now; and a new story all together (this being the most frightening scenario). It could happen, although I personally doubt it.
I would just like to say that I’m not entirely optimistic about this; these are just some thoughts and ideas as to how Constantine should be adapted to the small screen. I’m sorry if I didn’t make any sense in some parts, as english is not my mother tongue. I just needed to get this out of my system and see other people’s thoughts on how the show should be and how John should be portrayed. I love Hellblazer and John Constantine is a character so relatable to me, I really don’t want another screw up. Thank you if you read all this and tell me what you think.


This song just screams “Constantine” to me. It would make an awesome intro if the series is ever made.

Daniel CraigRooney Mara ~ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo